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Don’t miss this exciting and effective way to engage your customers at the neighborhood level with news and information about the people and happenings in your backyard. Extend your reach BEYOND The Statesman Journal – niche target with the Today Editions.  These targeted weekly pubs reach more than 82,000 readers every Wednesday.

Today Editions: 

For a map of our market coverage for the Weekly Newspapers, please CLICK HERE.

These community sections are Statesman Journal supplements made specifically for each community’s residents. These high-interest local news publications are delivered to Statesman Journal subscribers, non-subscribers and newsstands each week. The TODAY sections offer an excellent way to maximize your advertising dollars by targeting the customers near you, or to reach specific populations. 

  • South Salem Today - 21,900 readers
  • West Salem Today - 11,000 readers
  • Keizer Today - 10,100 readers
  • Salem Today - 15,800 East Salem readers
  • Polk County Today - 10,300 readers

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East Valley Editions: 

For a map of our market coverage for the Weekly Newspapers, please CLICK HERE.

Silverton Appeal Tribune

The Silverton area’s local community information source, the Silverton Appeal Tribune traces its history back to 1880 and reaches over 8,900 readers every week. With its non-subscriber companion, SAVER, it continues a tradition of serving Silverton, Mt. Angel and the surrounding areas. The Silverton Appeal Tribune is published every Wednesday and includes the total market coverage of the SAVER edition.

Stayton Mail 

The Stayton area’s local community information source, the Stayton Mail traces its history back to 1891 reaches over 4,400 readers every week. With its nonsubscriber companion, SAVER, it continues a tradition of serving Stayton and the surrounding areas. The Stayon Mail is published every Wednesday and includes the total market coverage of the SAVER edition.

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