Voted Best Newspaper in the State! 

THE STATESMAN JOURNAL traces it’s history back 164 years. Now, more than ever, the newspaper is an integral part of our community. As Oregon’s premier 7-day newspaper, the Statesman Journal delivers a larger and more diverse audience than any other media in the Mid-Valley.

No other media in the Mid-Valley reaches your customer better. The Stateman Journal reaches 93,000 adults on any given weekday and 120,000 on Sundays.  The newspaper is very relevant in this market.

Let us help you grow your business by targeting a highly educated and affluent audience base. 

Snap Shot of Our Reach:

8 of 10 women over a 7 day period

6 out of 10 men aged 35 to 49 over a 7 day period

3 out of 4 young professionals over a 7 day period

3 out of 4 young boomers aged 45-54  over a 7 day period 

85% of Adults who make an inocme of $100,000 or more 


Source: Salem Area Market Study 2012, conducted by Thoroughbred Research Group.

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