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In the Mid-Valley, consumers can choose from thousands of websites. But only Statesman Journal Media combined with Yahoo reaches 81.6% of Marion County adults. Reach local consumers with highly visible and targeted web display ad messages. is also one of the most trusted websites in the state.

From creation to inception, Statesman Journal Media delivers the reach you need to target your ideal customers along with fully integrated marketing campaigns to maximize your impact. Reach your ideal customers when and where you want with precise targeting capabilities.


  • High visibility placements
  • Provides a visual and interactive message
  • Impacts consumers considering brand options
  • Increases online searches for product or brand
  • Provides reinforcement of market-wide advertising
  • Increases website and in-store traffic
  • Market-wide reach or defined targeting options, such as geography, age, gender, and content or behavioral retargeting

Statesman Journal Media expertise includes:

  • Creation of engaging digital creative using leading technologies
  • Strategically targeted program designed to reach most likely consumers
  • Daily performance tracking and optimization of campaigns
  • Custom analytics to measure the usage trends of your sites

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