Digital Marketing Minute February 15th, 2016

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Tuesday, March 1 in Digital Trends.


The Marriage Between Conversion Optimization & SEO 

by Winston Burton, Marketing Land 
Traffic is great, but it's not the end goal. Columnist Winston Burton discusses how to use SEO tactics to help with conversion optimization. 

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streaming videoFor the First Time, More Than Half of Americans Will Watch Streaming TV 

This will be a benchmark year for digital video usage, particularly streaming television. According to eMarketer’s latest forecast of digital video consumption, 2016 will be the first time more than half of the US population will watch TV shows online at least once a month. 

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Social Media Companies Aim to Take Advertising to the Next Level 

by Susan Krashinsky, The Globe and Mail 
Despite the big increase in time spent on mobile devices, and the new services offered, Susan Krashinsky of The Globe and Mail says many social media networks are “still trying to grow up.” 

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