Digital Marketing Minute December 7th, 2015

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Monday, December 7 in Digital Trends.


The Top Ten Marketing Trends That Will Define 2016 

Daniel Newman, Contributor  with FORBES

Businesses need to keep a clear focus on the needs and expectations of their customers—a group that’s diverse and fragmented, with high expectations and little patience for anyone who can’t keep up. To stay competitive you need to be visible, and that’s no easy feat. 

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RIP Millennials: Marketing Will Be ‘Age Agnostic’ Next Year 

Lindsay Stein with Advertising Age 

In 2016, marketing and communications professionals will stop targeting millennials as one demographic and focus on reaching the younger consumers based on their passions, according to a study released today by Hotwire PR. 

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6 Ways video will connect consumers and brands in 2016 

Ashley Eckel with iMedia

Hopefully, for most advertisers, the connected world presents tons of opportunity to innovate and find better ways to engage their audiences, because connectivity is here to stay. The real trends and innovations in 2016 emerge from how fast everything is continuing to change as a result of this connectivity, and how quickly consumers are changing their behaviors in pace with this evolution. 

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