Digital Marketing Minute December 28th, 2015

Every week we share trends and articles on digital marketing. Posted on Wednesday, January 20 in Digital Trends.


By The Numbers: Today's Technology Device Ownership  

By Monica Anderson, Pew Research Center  

How many do you own?  According to the Pew Research Center and new data just out, 68% of Americans adults have smartphones. If that's not enough mobile connection, 45% have tablet computers. But year-over-year growth in device ownership stops there.  Adult ownership of other digital devices has not grown in recent years.  In fact, some have stalled or are now in freefall.   

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By Michael Brenner, MIG 

Blogs can help your business to inform and provide your target customers possible solutions to a tough challenge or question they have. Blogging is also an opportunity to establish your company’s authority and thought leadership, and to show potential customers that you care about their business beyond just trying to sell your product or service.  So, what's the checklist you should have at your side to write the best possible blog post?  

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Four Profound Marketing Megatrends for 2016 and Beyond 

by Mark Schaeffer  

It's the time of year for predictions! What marketing megatrends to you need to be aware of as your business heads into 2016 and beyond?  Should information management, controlling content, artificial writers and virtual reality be on your to-do-list?   

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